Special plants

STC offers a selection of special variegated and non-variegated plants for a fixed price from time to time.
Please note that during shopping of these items -of which we only have one- your item will only maintain in your shopping basket for 20 minutes and you will need to proceed and end the shopping within those 20 minutes in which you can combine it with normal webplants.
If you do not finish the webshop order within 20 minutes the special plant item will be automatically deleted.
Payment does not have to be made within these 20 minutes and can take place later after you finished the order; the order however must be finished within 20 minutes.
Please note there are no discounts on these items and our general terms and conditions apply to buying these special plants.


Period name Start view date Start order date End order date
Deadline clock Next viewing period
not available

For more information about exportation see our terms and conditions.